Shipping & Export from U.S.

General Info

W8 Shipping for all involved cars wholesale, offers all possible services including access codes to the most popular auctions.

For those who are looking for new cars, we will help find and buy a car at no extra taxes, this will save you a lot of money. If you want to buy a new car, please first provide the following information: the brand and make of the car you want, to which country the car will be exported, and in 24 hours we'll send you an offer.

Depending on the car makes, models and value, usually 3-4 cars are loaded to 40 ft containers, while the 45 ft containers accommodate 5-6 cars.

Each new customer is given password for access to our site where you can track all your cars’ movement, see in what container a specific vehicle is, what is preliminary date of arrival to the port of your choice, you can see more images (20-25 images per each vehicle) from the loading site. This will give you detailed information about each a car, motorcycle or boat you buy.

W8 Shipping also offers its services to customers having car salvage. Cars can be dismantled according to each individual customer's request, so please contact us regarding the service prices, potential number of cars in a container and other issues by filling out the table below.

General Info