Shipping & Export from U.S.
for export:
- All States Salvage Certificates
- All States Non-Repairable Certificates (see exceptions for Kansas, California)
- Kansas Non-Repairable Certificate (except from NY/NJ)
- California Non-Repairable Certificate (sold in CA state only)
- FL - Certificate of Destruction
- Cars with notarized Bill of Sale when Car is 25+ years old can be exported from all warehouses except NY
- Guam Certificate Of Ownership
- IL - Junking Certificate
- MI – Scrap Certificate of Title
- MS - Affidavit of Abandonment
- NH Bill of Sale, if vehicle is 15 years or older
- RI - Bill of Sale, if vehicle is manufactured in 2000 or older
- Original Disposal Authority Certificate signed by judge
- Affidavit Of Abandonment
- HI – Bill of Sale - Parts Only, exportable from CA
- MN - Bill of Sale – Parts Only, exportable from GA
- WI - Junked vehicle bill of sale, exportable from GA and TX states
- WI - Insurance brand, exportable from NY and GA
- WI - Cert of title claim paid, exportable from NY and GA
- IA - Junking Certificate, exportable from TX
- OH - Bill of Sale Destruction only - SALVAGE from GA warehouse. The fee $50
- CA - Certificate of Title or Salvage ACQ - eligible for export only when vehicle is purchased with a dealer, dismantler or exporter license
- VA - Non-repairable certificate, exportable from NY and GA
- MO - Junking Certificate, exportable from NY and GA
- OK - Junk (Oklahoma) exportable from TX
- ME - Bill of Sale - Parts Only, exportable from TX
- Certificate of destruction (Louisiana) exportable from GA and TX
- CT - Bill Of Sale-Salvage, exportable from GA
- CT - Bill Of Sale, Parts Only (Nonnogotiabletitle/Parts Only), exportable from GA
For Export:
- DE – Parts Only
- IN – Bill of Sale - Parts Only
- MD - Parts Only – No Title Letter
- MI – Scrap – Bill of Sale
- MI - TR-52
- MT – Bill of Sale - Parts Only
- NY – Bill of Sale
- NY - MV907A - Open Lien
- NY - MV907A- Parts Only W/Lien holder
- NY - MV907A- Parts Only
- NY - MV907A- Dismantlers
- NY - MV-37 – Dismantle or Scrap
- NY - Cert of Title - Parts Only
- FL – Cash for Clunkers
- CA - Acquisition Bill Of Sale
- GA - Unrecovered theft
- Canadian title and/or registration and/or Parts only
- Reposession Paperwork (NC) Dealer Only/Repo/Can not export
- Lien Sale Documents

Additional processing time required:
- GA - Bill of Sale 2-3 weeks. The fee $50.
- CA - Bill of Sale 8 weeks (frequently behind on processing, can be more). The fee $50.
- KY - Bill of Sale/Parts only/No title/Junk Receipt, 3 weeks. Exportable from GA only. The fee $50.
- WA - Bill of Sale 2 weeks. NOTE: Due to COVID-19, WA State DMV has been experiencing delays in the process of obtaining the Total Loss Claim for the vehicles that are being bought with Bill of Sale. You can anticipate your vehicle to be shipped within 3-4 weeks. The fee $50.
- WA - Bill of Sale DLR /DIS/EXP-CT OTHERS-ACQ 3-4 weeks purchased only under US dealer license. The fee $50.
- WA - PARTS ONLY BOS, 2-3 weeks. The fee $50.
- OR - Lien documents 2-3 weeks. The fee - $250
- AK - Bill of Sale – Junk (approx. 4 weeks). The fee $50.
- NC - Bill of Sale – Parts Only (approx. 2 weeks). The fee $50.
- SC - Disposal Authority Certificate (approx. 3 weeks)
- DC – Government Parts Only - Salvage
- US Government Certificate to obtain a title (approx. 2 weeks)
- MCO – Manufacturers Certificate of Origin (approx. 2 weeks)
- CT – Ownership Transfer from Salvage – (approx. 3 weeks)
- NY - Bill of Sale, if vehicle is older than 1973. 3-4 weeks. Vehicle must be purchased under US dealer license. The fee $50.
- CO - Bill Of Sale Parts only. 1 week from CA. Note: CO stands for Colorado state, not Copart. The fee $50.
- AZ - E-Title (IAAI), exportable only from CA, 4 weeks
- NY – MV907A. If DMV records shows active title, open lien record, or no record, then we have to apply for new title. 1-2 weeks. The following conditions must be met - a) Vehicle must be purchased under US dealer license; b) If the vehicle was purchased not under "G&G Auto sales" or "Amber Auto Sales", then the US dealer who purchased the vehicle must provide reassignment form so it can be reassigned to "G&G Auto Sales". The fee - $250

* To check the status of a title or lien, please follow the link:

* NY/NJ Customs are accepting only 2 state Bill of sales WITH DMV record - MN and WI. It will take 6-8 weeks to receive this record. If you prefer, we can arrange tow immediately to avoid waiting time and save towing costs. Bill of sale processing costs $50. Towing to Savannah costs $550 from NJ warehouse. Bill of sale charge will be invoiced even if record shows not “Junked” so please contact us immediately if you purchased car from WI or MN with Bill of sale.
All other state Bill of Sales need to be evaluated on case to case basis. Some can be shipped only from Savannah, some only from Texas, so please contact us immediately if your purchased car is scheduled to be delivered to NJ warehouse and has Bill of sale.

* Application for duplicate title (can be rejected by the DMV for requiring inspections that would require the car to be fixed or past registration fees can be required to be paid which if not done will result in no title being sent)
Please see below directory for inquiries and all other support by departments and office locations.